It’s coming!

David’s Book Citizenship Approach to Autism.” 

The Book will include Self –help tips for parents and educators, Easy to use Techniques, and touchy topic advise such as ‘Picky Eating’ and ‘Tantrums VS. Meltdowns.’

 Enjoy some sample content from the Autism Whisperer himself.

Picky Eating

Picky Eating is the common term for what Picky Eaters do. These children are hard to please and to feed in general, but they rarely end up starving themselves. Patterns of “overselecting” food are common among children with developmental disorders, but they are also common among all children. Estimates vary widely among studies, but in a recent report, the estimate was about one-fifth of all children.

The Picky Eater’s Favorites 

Nuggets, Taquitos and other Breaded, Fried foods
Potato Chips, French Fries, Tater Tots
Pizza (Plain or Pepperoni)
Spaghetti (Plain, maybe Meat Sauce)
Macaroni and Cheese
Grilled Cheese

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Tantrums v. Meltdowns:

Meltdowns represent total succumbing to Fight, Freeze or Flight behavior.  A meltdown is a catastrophic reaction to stress where the individual loses conscious control over his or her behavior.  The person becomes “disorganized.”  The emotion is usually rage or overwhelming fear.  There may be some short term intentional behavior, but there is a marked absence of sequential thinking (thinking about consequences).  Characteristic of flight, freeze or flight states, thinking is almost exclusively in the very immediate here and now.  Ross Greene, author of “The Explosive Child,” calls the state “vapor lock.”

What can be done: The Three-step Model: 

This model of intervention minimizes the sympathetic response by showing concern and empathy rather than meeting threat with threat.  Also, the focus is on reducing demands on mental processing while the child is in the throes of the Fight, Freeze or Flight reaction.

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