Sponderworks Children’s Services (SCS)

Working with Children and Families, not just Behaviors

Prescription-Based, Relationship-Oriented Treatment for Children and Adolescents with Developmental, Attachment, Psychiatric and Behavioral Disorders

A Message from the Director…

The SCS philosophy is primarily based on giving parents choices in treatment. Parents visiting this website confront a dizzying array of treatment options and claims that may be equally valid, but that appear to contradict each other.  They also want to know what claims are not valid, or whether the recommendations and opinions from professionals or other sources of information represent the “only” or “best” or “evidence-based” way.

This website could be a good place to start, because we want parents to be able to make informed choices.  We see that there are a number of powerful, evidence-based treatment options that are in many ways the same and in other ways different from each other. Rather than try to convince you that any particular method of treatment is superior to another, we seek to give you information so that you can choose what you think fits your child and your family and what makes the most sense to you.

Professionals visiting this site might also be looking for this information.  They may have seen the shortcomings and limitations of the treatments they’re using, or they may simply want helpful information on child/adolescent development, treatments and interventions, links, reading, or reading recommendations.

David Sponder
Licensed Educational Psychologist, Director of Sponderworks Children’s Services
Board Certified Behavior Analysis
Floortime C3c