© David Sponder, L.E.P., BCBA, RDI CC, Floortime C2
Executive Director, Sponderworks Children’s Services

Whenever possible, learning should take place when and where people would or could be together naturally.

  • Authenticity means that treatment supports the family’s natural lifestyle rather than the other way around.

Many families are told that their role is to support the therapy instead.  They may be asked or even required to parent in ways that feel unnatural to them, or that involve learning a lot of jargon.

Therapies also occur at times during the day or evening that prevent my family member from being together naturally.  The way things are now, therapy activities are very different than my normal family routines.  I can do one or the other, but not both – and I have the rest of my family to think about.

I’m told that she “…doesn’t behave like that during therapy!”  I’m afraid for the Therapist to leave because my child behaves completely differently with me.   I can’t afford to stop working or taking care of my home and my other children to do therapy like my Therapist.

Families create authentic products all the time.  Whenever anyone does something that they would normally do as part of  life, they create something. 

  • Making plans results in the authentic product of – having plans.
  • Cleaning the room results in a clean room.  
  • Sharing a story together results in - something we like doing together.  
  • Going grocery shopping produces the authentic product of getting the groceries we needed.