Behavior Analyst/Consultant Job Description

  • Parent Education: Help Parents and/or professional staff such as Teachers and Paraeducators (Stakeholders) understand the behaviors of concern in the contexts of their environments and the child/Student’s development and relationship capacities
    • Collaborate with Stakeholders in developing appropriate responses and teaching techniques; ability to use Active Listening techniques and to build a trusting and respectful relationship with parents
    • Help Stakeholders learn systems for understanding their child or Student’s behavior and development so that they can do so on their own after brief treatment is completed
    • Demonstrate techniques if necessary (the emphasis is mainly on Stakeholder Coaching however, rather than treating behavior directly)
    • Assess and Monitor progress of behavior and teach Stakeholders how to do it
    • Complete Quarterly Reports of Progress and Recommendations

Senior Behavior Analyst Assessor

  • Perform Functional Assessment of Behavior according to Sponderwork’s specifications
  • Develop treatment Plans
  • Complete Functional Assessment Reports


  • Bachelor’s Degree (minimum) in Behavioral Science, Psychology, Education, Child Development or related fields; Master’s Degree preferred for Senior Behavior Analyst Assessor
  • One year (minimum) experience with the implementation of behavioral (ABA) or Relationship-based ABA (RDI; DIR/Floortime) treatment plans
  • Mastery of the basic principles of reinforcement and behavioral analytic techniques
  • Prefer extensive knowledge of child development and parenting