Michele Dukes-Sponder is the Chief Operating Officer of Sponderworks Children’s Services.  She oversees all administrative, Contractor and contract related issues and public relations for SCS.  This includes parent (private and self-referred) and agency relationships (e.g., Regional Center; School District and Doctor referrals), insurance and payment, plant operations and management of the office.  We feel strongly that your experience with us is warm, responsive and productive, and Michele is your primary contact at Sponderworks.

Parents and Agencies

Michele handles all non-clinical information such as a description of the services we offer, Sponderworks policy information, availability of services from David Sponder or any of our contracted Therapists and Consultants, and contract specifics.  Michele is responsible for dealing with Regional Center, School District and Private Schools, Doctor and Specialist offices and Insurance Representatives.  If she cannot answer your questions, she will do her best to direct you to someone who can.  If questions are of a clinical nature, you are encouraged to contact David, our Executive Director by email: david@sponderworks.com.

Note: If you are currently working with a Therapist or Consultant, and you wish to change an appointment time, it is best to contact your Therapist directly as well as to call the office. 


We contract with Therapists and Consultants to provide services according to our specifications.  Professionals seeking to work with us should contact Michele directly or by email (info@sponderworks; sponderwrks28@hotmail.com), or by calling our office:

Phone: (310) 521-0112
Fax: (310) 831-7291