This website is dedicated to giving parents and professionals information not only about us, our philosophy, and the services we offer, but also a wide range of information on childhood developmental, emotional and psychiatric disorders and treatment options.  We take great care to provide with information from traditionally behavioristic points of view, as well as relationship-based, cognitive therapy, and neurdevelopmental points of view.

Some of the information is well suited for parents who just want some quick information and guide for further investigation, and other articles and posts cover technical areas best suited for professionals.  We include glossaries of terms, bibliographies and guides to further information.

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Since there is so much information on this site, we have taken a few efficiency measures:

  • Most book references take you to  We have no financial arrangement with them and linking with them makes no statement of what we think of Amazon – besides the fact that it is very easy to link you with a book at that site – and they are likely to remain in business and provide stable links for the duration of our site.
  • We may link you to Wikipedia, if a better or stable website is not available.  Sometimes we do it out of pure convenience, but we warn you that Wikipedia can contain erroneous information.  Wikipedia is at least a stable website.  We don’t want to frustrate you by linking you to a website that no longer exists.  Just think of Wikipedia as your first step in getting at the truth! Please let us know if a link we give you has been broken or is in error – we will try to fix that.