“…the dangerous man is the one with only one theory, because he’ll fight to the death for it…”

Francis Crick, Nobel-Prize winning biologist, Co-discoverer of the DNA double helix.
Sponderworks Children’s Services (SCS) is a small company that previously provided services serving children, adolescents and young adults with developmental, emotional, psychiatric behavioral issues and their families.  We provided Consultation and therapeutic intervention in the family home, at the clinic, and consultation to schools and school districts.  SCS is an expansion of David Sponder‘s clinical private practice that for 30 years has helped families deal withAutism Spectrum, Emotional, Psychiatric and Reactive Attachment Disorders and other serious developmental and behavioral issues in children, adolescents and young adults.
The SCS approach combines the precision of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) within a developmental framework. This comes from our combined backgrounds in both developmental and behavioral sciences and our extensive experience applying them in real-world settings – like your home or your child’s school.

ABA provides an ultimate “bottom line” for drawing conclusions and determining whether those conclusions, and the progress we anticipate are indeed borne out by reliable observation and measurement. Deep knowledge of child development also allows us to better understand how the child experiences the world and helps parents and professionals discover what the obstacles are to healthy development and cooperative behavior.  SCS is unique in that we were the only agency in existence that holds credentials and board certifications in Educational Psychology,  Behavioral Analysis,  Guided Participation Teaching, Relationship Skills Intervention and Developmental, Individualized Relationship-Based(DIR/Floortime) interventions for children with Autism Spectrum and Related Disorders.  David’s personal emphasis on neurological, psychological and emotional development, infant mental health and attachment allows the agency to deal with a diverse range of complex issues, as well as to provide assistance to families with children with Attachment and Emotional and other complex behavioral disorders.